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The entire listing.
Surveying Instrument and Equipment Categories:              
Transits and Theodolites    Compasses      Wye Levels       
Dumpy Levels
      Tilting Levels      Transit Levels    Auto Levels      
Hand Levels
     Alidades, Plane Tables & Accessories      
Other Surveying Equipment
    Special Instrument Accessories  
Drafting Equipment   Tripods & Accessories   Tapes, Chains & Accessories    
Leveling Rods & Accessories    Other Scientific Instruments   Tools   
Collimators & Telescopes       Instrument Boxes & Cases       Books  
Partial Instruments and Major Parts 

Please look at this: A very fine 1903 K&E Expedition Transit        

 The entire listing.

Optical Tooling Categories:     Optical Tooling Instruments & Accessories    
Spherical Adapters    Targets    Target Holders   Alignment Telescope Mounts     
Adjustable Cup Mounts & Clamps    Scales & accessories     Lateral Slides      
Stands, Extensions & Lifts     
Other Tools  

Precision Ground Glass Spirit Level Vials

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Keuffel & Esser  history   More to come.

Tripod Thread Sizes   More to come.

Alidade instructions New

Instructions for adjusting instruments:    Adjusting line of sight

Berger_Manual_Of_Field_Adjustments.pdf  Berger instruments user Instruction Manual

Keuffel_Esser_Care_And_Adjustments.pdf K&E user Instruction Manual

Using the Transit.pdf Excellent simple example of using a transit.

www.surveyantiques.com  Instrument makers catalog scans.

bergercatalogf1947.pdf  Berger 1947 Catalog.

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The background on this page is a Buff and Berger Theodolite