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2458 Tripod, Kern, Swiss 54" high oak stiff leg Plane Table Tripod with Kern Plane Table Leveling Head.
SOLD No table, but with the threaded inserts for a table one missing.  In excellent condition
  The tripod head with out the plane table head is 7 5/8" in diameter and is flat.
  The threaded cup will extend above the head from 5/8" to 1 3/8" to the top of the cup
  The internal threads of the cup are 32 mm X 1.0 mm. With the legs spread 30" the height is 46"
  This is a extremely difficult tripod to find. PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO    $400.00
2461 Tripod, Johnson head plane table tripod, make unknown, typical as made to US Government specifications
   USCE ( US Corps of Engineers) 5/8" X 18 Male Thread, Maple extension legs 34" to 59". Excellent condition.
  excepting varnish is flaking off in some locations- see photos. Legs slide out hard. PHOTO  PHOTO  PHOTO $250.00
3768 Compass, for plane table,  needle length 4 inches, base size 1 inch X 6 inches.
. PHOTO   $50.00
3769 Alidade, Hilger & Watts, Microptic, Model 6200-A100,  Glass optically read one minute
  vertical circle, Horizontal reduction scale and vertical reduction scale.
15X Telescope, vertical and horizontal 1:100 stadia, with telescope vial. ca 1970. With sun 
shade.  No compass.   In dovetailed mahogany box painted red.
3770 Alidade, W. & L. E. Gurley, model 592-C Explorers Alidade, made in 1918
  with Striding Level, Gradienter and Beaman Stadia Arc. Leather covered case, lid strap broken
  Excellent condition. PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO   $500.00
3998 Tripod head, Heller & Brightley, for large plane table. In box. Ca 1880.
RARE!!!  Attaches to 4 screw leveling base that is missing and would be
in a separate box.     PHOTO    500.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $200.00
4006 Alidade, Buff & Buff, set of shop samples or prototype for gimbaled articulated
  "Alidade or Indicator for Ships' Compasses", This unmarked set came from Buff & Buff
made of brass, in wood box.  ca. 1902PHOTO  a PDF file of the Patent  $500.00 NOW ON SPECIAL $100.00
.  Patented by W. S. Burgess June 23, 1903, A copy of which is included.
  Written in pencil on the box lid and very difficult to see and read is;
  "Shop Samples Burgess Ailrcam Alidade Property of Buff & Buff Mfg. Co.
  Aibicaus (?) Frank B. Dow Jr."