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2460 Sextant, Keuffel & Esser, model 5227 Navy Surveyor's Model. made in 1940. With 
box from 1913. It is in excellent condition except that it is missing 2 mirror frames, (the mirrors
are included) the 3 telescopes, the vernier magnifier, one tangent thumb screw. 
Note: if you have the above missing parts please let me know.   PHOTO   $300.00
2544 Clinometer, E. R. Watts & Son, MK1, E. R. Watts & Son was established in London in 1857,
  and has been in business to the present day.  The company has existed in three forms during these years. 
   E. R. Watts & Son, Hilger and Watts and currently Hall and Watts Defense Optics. Watts instruments
  are still in use in the United Kingdom and countries who were closely allied with the United Kingdom such as
  Australia and Canada. This clinometer was used to set accuracy of the largest British Naval guns, (up to 14 or 16 inch).
  It has been polished and lacquered to a bright brass finish. Good + condition  PHOTO  $150.00
2545 Plumb Bob, Berger, 12 ounce hexagonal steel with brass top, new old stock PHOTO  $10.00
2546 Clinometer, Thomas Reynolds, Birmingham, England, made between 1767 and 
SOLD 1781, 12 1/16" long, May be for artillery use, in fitted morocco case. 
Vial broken. Excellent condition. SOLD AS IS, New vial could be 
made by glass blower, and filled with alcohol.  
   PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO    PHOTO   PHOTO  $300.00
2547 Lighting system, Dietzgen, New, for unknown instrument, probably enclosed transit
  No battery box,  PHOTO   PHOTO    PHOTO  $50.00
2578 Parallax Bar, Lietz/Sokkisha, Model 8179-55, for pocket stereoscopes, 
. in near new condition. PHOTO   $200.00
2579 Illumination Unit, complete Lietz/Sokkisha, Model 8185-03LA3, with 
. parallax bar. This kit is for use with MS-278185-02  Stereoscope. 
. Never used, in near new condition.  PHOTO   $800.00
3932 Battery Box, maker unknown, ca. 1920's. wood.  PHOTO    $100.00
3952 Battery Charger, Wild, for use with DI 10 Electronic Distance meter
used good+ condition    PHOTO   75.00
4009 Microscope, Zeiss, adjusting microscope for horizontal light path in 
Zeiss TH2 Theodolite with box. ca. 1970.    PHOTO  $1000.00
4010 Zeiss, adjusting fixture for vertical illumination in TH2 theodolite. 
ca. 1970.   PHOTO  $1000.00
4051 Subtense Bar, Wild, GBL-2, 2 Meter, fixed tribrach and case. Ca 1955. 
  Included is a Battery Box, Wild, for target lighting, with lighting cable
4056 Level-trier, CL Berger & Sons, complete in mahogany case. CA 1910.
A rare special instrument used to check level vials.  
4057 Level-trier, CL Berger & Sons, complete in maple case. CA 1910.
A rare special instrument used to check level vials.  
4064 Range Finder, Unknown, 36", Ca. WWII. (US Army).  with adapter 
for 5/8" x 11"  tripod.  No box.  Sold as is.  Please look at the photos.