Special Offer

                                       Please check back often.
Last update: October 8th 2023

This coming winter we will be in Florida. My shop will
be closed from the end of September to May.

Thank you.

$100.00 buys any Dumpy Level or Wye Level in my list.
Please look for special prices in the lists for Tilting Levels,
Auto Levels, and in Other Categories, This sale will not last
Long! Anything else make a reasonable offer, I will give it my attention.
Please click on any of the Categories below to see reduced prices.

Categories:   Transits and Theodolites    Compasses     Wye Levels    
Dumpy Levels  Tilting Levels    Transit Levels    Auto Levels    Hand Levels    
Alidades, Plane Tables & Accessories      Other Surveying Equipment
Special Instrument Accessories   Drafting Equipment   Tripods & Accessories
Other Scientific Instruments    Collimators & Telescopes   Tapes, Chains & Accessories   
Instrument Boxes & Cases     Leveling Rods & Accessories      Tools     Books   

Partial Instruments


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