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4338 Optical Tooling Stand Extension, Brunson, 20" length 
SOLD 3" X 8 threads  PHOTO     165.00
4167 Portable stand, Brunson model 810 is a heavy duty portable stand 48" maximum height. It consists of a number
SOLD of components. It is relatively lightweight and disassembles for mobility, yet is extremely rigid while being used.
. The stand allows you to make precision vertical and horizontal adjustments to solve a multitude of instrument
  location problems. Comes with model 802 precision slide with 3" X 8 male threads, and model 800 precision lift.
  with Brunson 3 X 5/8 male thread adapter.  
.  PHOTO     PHOTO    PHOTO   PHOTO   PHOTO    PHOTO  $1895.00 (Approximate shipping weight is 70 pounds.)
4157 Alignment Stands, Steel designed after Brunson, 6" Diameter column with " wall, Over all height of column is 59"
  1" thick X 16" diameter bottom plate with 4 mounting holes. Floor to approximate center of cone mounts is 66".
  Cone mounts and mounting plates are included. All stands must be picked up.
  No shipping available PHOTO    PHOTO    PHOTO     PHOTO    PHOTO  $2000.00 EACH