Packing your instrument for shipment.

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When packing your instrument for shipment without its original protective
box or case the best way is to wrap the instrument well in bubble wrap and
place it upright in a new box, (or near new box) and fill the voids around the
bubble wrap with more bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. Then place that
box in another new box (or near new box) that allows for at least 2 inches on
all six sides to be filled with Styrofoam peanuts, or bubble wrap. If you can
not double box always make sure you have at least two inches clearance on
the sides, top and bottom of the instruments box or the instrument, the more
clearance the better.

Please do not use any tape on the bubble wrap, instrument, original box
or case.
If you need to use tape on the wrapping only use a small piece to
hold it in place. Protect the box or case with paper before applying tape if
needed to keep the box or case closed. Never put tape directly on the
instruments original case or box. If tape is put directly on a wood or painted
surface the tape will take off paint and even the wood finish. It also may
remove some wood when the tape is removed.

Never use "Duct Tape" or "Masking Tape".

When packing your instrument for shipment with its original protective box or
case the best way is to stuff bubble wrap in around the instrument filling all
voids so it will help cushion the instrument in its container. Styrofoam peanuts
alone will not protect the instrument and should never be placed in the
instrument's box. Only use bubble wrap in the instrument's box. Then place
the box, or case in a box with at least two inches of Styrofoam peanuts or
bubble wrap on all six sides.

Always be sure to pack the instrument upright.

Never ship a instrument on its side unless it is packed that way in its original
box, case, or container, and be sure to cushion it further with bubble wrap.

Always use fiberglass filament strapping tape to tape the box, top and bottom.

Always mark the shipment FRAGILE and which way is UP on all sides with
labels, or at least use a large magic marker to write it with.

When shipping a surveyors compass it is best to ship its original box separately,
as the compass will in shipping break the ends of the box from its weight when 
shifted in handling.

Bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts, new boxes, tape and other supplies may be
purchased from a UPS Store, U-Haul rental/store, or office supply store.

Please do not rely on a "shipping store" to pack correctly, it will not happen.

Always supervise the packing that is done by someone else.
Do not depend on someone else to pack it right.

A little additional expense, time, effort, and insurance cost is worth spending.
Please look at the photos below.


Note: I have had very good service and safe handling from UPS.
In 50 + years I have not had a serious problem with UPS and only
two claims.
I've used UPS for 50+ years and I highly recommend shipping
with them. The US Mail is also good, but somewhat unreliable.
I discourage using the US Mail due to recent cuts in service.

Please do not use FedEx Ground or Home Delivery!
DO NOT use FedEx under any circumstance. They are not at all reliable.
FedEx has ruined too many shipments coming to me, or left the shipment
at the wrong location. FedEx ground is the worse for bad service and damage.


Tuesday 9/24/2019 at 12:25 pm

Delivered Signature not required


Left at front door

Tracking showed late afternoon on the 24th that Scheduled delivery was PENDING
On the 25th afternoon tracking showed it was on truck for delivery then late changed
to Scheduled delivery was PENDING again.
On the 26th same story then late showed it was delivered.

I was here all day and late all three days.

Package may have been delivered to a dumpster it is not anywhere that I could find.

This happens nearly every delivery from Fed Ex Ground and you can not communicate with them.
I even had one large heavy box left on the road next to my drive way.

They really should change their name to Fed Up.


Styrofoam peanuts


Bubble Wrap

Packing a transit.

Wrap the transit with bubble wrap starting at the bottom.


Continue wrapping up around the transit.

Continue wrapping up and around the telescope and tuck the end in.
Never tape the bubble wrap.

In this example one box of the proper size to allow good clearance all
around the instrument has been telescoped over another box of the
same size so to allow enough height to accommodate the height of the
instrument and good packing on top and bottom of the instrument.
Always use new boxes when you can.

Note the use of fiberglass filament strapping tape to close the box.

The instrument should always be placed upright in the box and the telescope aligned
corner to corner, and setting it on rubber foam or at least padded well on the bottom
of the instrument with bubble wrap.

Pack all the voids around the instrument well with bubble wrap.

The first box placed in another telescoped box large enough to have clearance of 2" on all
four sides and top and bottom. Fill with Styrofoam peanuts

Note the use of fiberglass filament strapping tape to close the box.


Example of very poor packing, and also a example

of a typical FedEx Ground delivery.

This used soft Chinese cardboard box was used to ship a valuable
instrument using only a few pieces of wadded up pieces of paper to
protect the instrument and its wooden box. Foreign made boxes do
not have sufficient strength for reuse.

The result is a destroyed instrument box and instrument.

The weight of the instrument destroyed the instrument supports pushed out the
end of the box and
broke out the bottom of the box when it was tossed around.

Insurance did not pay for this damage.

If only they had taken the time to pack it correctly.

You just can't expect to have a instrument arrive in one piece with
out packing it well, and the carrier will not pay a insurance claim
unless it is packed well using new boxes.

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I do not sell packaging material or boxes.